Fill up your cup!!

Some gorgeous ways to fill your cup up, straight from all of you! They gave us some Inso and were too good not to share!!!
 My favourite things to do include spending quality time with my friends and family, keeping fit and healthy by getting my 30 mins of physical activity a day and eating a balanced diet. I also try to keep positive by keeping a diary and realising that there’s only one of me xx


 Green tea, music, and walks in nature ❤️ Plus chocolate…


 It’s daily walks for me, no kids, headphones in, thoughts all my own. 


 I like to have a cup of tea or do some yoga, meditate, take a walk what ever I feel at that time x


 When I want to feel amazinggggg I love putting on an outfit that makes me feel pretty haha! Also a relaxing bath is good for the soul.



Go for a walk with my dog & sit down near a tree & relax xx


 Time in nature!  Ritual & loving with intention… & Chocolate


 As a Virgo I’m the queen of self-care as it’s almost a non-negotiable to begin my day. I fill my cup by taking time to apply my skincare with intention, take inventory on my magical life with gratitude and visualizations, plus I have a sauna and Pilates reformer so I can always feel amazing ✨✨✨


 Some of my favourite things is to do is probably, go for a walk With my dog, and sit down near a tree and relax xx🍂


I would sayyyyy!! wash my hair, shave my legs, moisturise everything & then have a delicious cup of tea 😍 x


Oh i love this! I love going to the gym, reading, the sunshine! 💫🌞 getting coffee with friends is a good one too! X


Things that I do to fill my cup are making something with my hands, getting dressed up for no reason, stretching and journaling.